Launched more than 20 years and 1,000 issues ago, Jewish News is ABC audited as by far the largest distributed Jewish publication in the country, with 25,000 copies (and rising) across London every week. Online, is read by 400,000 people every month (and rising even faster), thanks in part to an exclusive UK digital partnership with The Times of Israel, the world’s biggest Jewish portal.


The impact of Jewish News has grown in the corridors of power, with David Cameron granting the newspaper his only Jewish interview as PM before the 2015 General Election campaign. The newspaper also secured the Archbishop of Canterbury’s only interview with the Jewish media. Stories in our pages are routinely picked up by the national media, including in a recent piece by the Daily Mail which hailed us as Britain’s “most popular Jewish paper”.


The newspaper has established a stable of must-read columnists including leading counter-extremist Maajid Nawaz, LBC’s Nick Ferrari, Brendan O’Neill and Samantha Simmonds.


It’s also hosted a range of political Q&A events with key public figures, including Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, and organised two UK-Israel conferences in Parliament with BICOM, bringing together leading politicians, embassy officials, think tank leaders and journalists from both countries to enhance bilateral dialogue.


But Jewish News remains at its heart a community newspaper – and loudly and proudly so. This means more than simply reporting the news. It has teamed up with all the leading communal groups to media partner on the biggest events in the Jewish calendar, organised wedding and barmitzvah exhibitions, twice taken over Wembley Stadium for the Jewish Living Expo and celebrated unsung heroes in our Community Hero Award and Jewish Schools Awards. And few projects in the newspaper’s history have generated as much excitement as the Forty Under 40, Twenty-Five Under 25 and Eighteen Under 18 lists to identify those shaping the community’s future.


It is also a campaigning newspaper. A petition for the Royal Mail to release a stamp honouring Holocaust hero Sir Nicholas Winton garnered 106,000 signatures worldwide and, within eight months, inspired the national release of stamps honouring outstanding Brits – including the great man who saved 669 Jewish children from the Holocaust.

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